7 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Singapore: Tips

Singapore is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. The city-state is also a melting pot of dozens of different cultures, which makes it unlike most countries in Asia. It has its own norms and unspoken rules that residents learn to follow.

Singapore skyline at dusk.
Marielle Descalsota/Insider

Singapore is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with six million people living in a land area of just 278 square miles.

I first moved to Singapore more than 20 years ago from the Philippines. Over the years, I learned the do’s and dont’s of living in the city-state. But I have noticed that when my friends visit Singapore, many of them unknowingly commit the same few faux pas, which can earn them stares or even an earful from locals.

Here are seven things tourists should never do in Singapore.

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