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American Green Card Application | 100% Working Guide


An American green card is a vital document that an immigrant can get. There are many ways to obtain a green card in the United States.

Every year, over 50,000+ green cards are issued to immigrants who want to travel to the United States for study, work, or personal reasons.

The question now is: What exactly is a green card? What are the advantages of having one? Here are four methods to get a green card. But before we get to that, let’s examine the meaning and benefits of an American Green Card.

What is an American Green Card?

A green card allows you to work, live or study in the concerned country. For example, a Green Card from the United States will enable you to enter the country to study, work or live.

An American Green Card is required to become a citizen. Citizens of the country have access to all benefits. Below are some examples of these benefits:

American Green Card Application | 100% Working Guide

The many benefits of a Green Card are numerous.

Here are some benefits of a green card:

  • Grants (study, business) and scholarships can be applied for and received
  • Permanent citizenship and permanent residency are yours
  • You can work in the country.
  • All of these benefits will apply to your children if you are born in the country.

These are some of the ways that you can apply for a green card and get it granted. First, choose one, then pay attention to it. This is a guideline that will help you decide the best approach. You should find what is most effective for you and follow it.

Members of the Green Card Holders’ Families

This could be an excellent way to get a green card if you have a relative who is an American green card holder. The following relationships can be established with them:

  • Spouse of the green card holder
  • Unmarried child (under 21).
  • The stepchild is unmarried (less than 21).
  • Adopted Child (under 18 Years)
  • Unmarried son or daughter (over 21).
  • Stepparent or parent
  • Sister or brother

You can apply for a green card if you are in one of these categories.

Based on employment

People are often granted a green card based on their employment. It does not necessarily mean that you are employed in the United States. However, this can be a significant advantage.

Although you cannot get an American green card by working in the USA, obtaining an American green card is possible. These are the cases we’ll be looking at.

An American Green Card can be granted to a person based on their academic achievements. This could include being a distinguished researcher or professor. These circumstances allow green cards to be given to individuals based on academic achievements.

Many highly-placed executives and managers work for multinational companies. As a result, green cards may be available for top executives and managers in Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

They may be granted temporary work permits in the United States. They may be eligible for green cards, however.

Individuals who have made significant contributions to the U.S. National Interest may be eligible for green cards. In addition, green cards may be granted to celebrate their contributions to the U.S. National Interest.

Sometimes, skilled workers and exceptional medical personnel can receive an American Green Card.

Green Lottery

The U.S. Department of State holds an annual visa lottery program. The winners are selected randomly and granted green cards.

The application process for the 2019 green card program remains open. The deadline for applications is November 7, 2022. So be sure to apply immediately.


Some reports claim that the U.S. economy will be benefited from foreign investors who invest $500,000 in a commercial company located in a particular employment area. The USA can create at least five full-time positions through this investment.

Investors who invest $1,000,000 in U.S. commercial businesses and create at least ten full-time American jobs are eligible for green cards.

Special Immigrants

If they apply for or arrive in the United States, certain immigrants may be granted green cards. These cases can be classified as special immigrants in the following section.

  • Religious Workers
  • Permanent Residents who have lived in the United States for longer than 12 months
  • International Medical Graduates

As a sign of appreciation, the Government may offer permanent residency to religious workers.

They can also get a Green Card by sponsoring an American Visa (Greencard) from a foreign medical doctor.

Permanent residents who have been in the country longer than 12 months and are considered permanent residents may not be required to apply again. They will still be eligible for an American green card.


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