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Antelope Fights Off Wild Dogs And A Hippo, Then A New Threat Emerges

An antelope faced an extreme survival test recently at Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. (Watch the clip below.)

Video posted to the wildlife platform Latest Sightings on Wednesday showed the nyala fending off wild dogs at a dam, according to the description. The buck had taken refuge in the water, but was then attacked from behind by a territorial hippo. The buck repelled that threat by thrusting its horns at its new foe.

The dogs continued to torment the embattled antelope, which crept back deeper into the water.

At that point, yet another enemy surged from the depths to ratchet up the danger. It didn’t end well for the antelope.

A crocodile clamped its jaws onto the beleaguered beast.

“What a difficult day to be this nyala!” said field guide Wayne Myburgh, who witnessed the encounter.

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