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Bachelor In Paradise Canada: Everything We Know About The New Show

After seven riveting US-based seasons, Bachelor In Paradise Canada is finally set to premiere this October. The Bachelor franchise has been so successful since its inception in 2002, it has bred several spinoffs and international iterations, the latest of which is Bachelor In Paradise Canada. From the diverse cast to where to watch the Canadian offshoot, this is everything there is to know about the new Bachelor In Paradise season.

The Bachelor universe has been so fruitful that it has one of the most spinoffs of any reality show. US derivatives like The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise have extended the franchise’s prominence so effectively that it has transcended beyond international borders. Some of the countries that have garnered their own versions of The Bachelor include Australia, India, and now, Canada. The Bachelor Canada premiered in October 2012 and has had three seasons, the latest of which debuted in 2017. Although fans are waiting on The Bachelor Canada season 4, the next best thing is coming in the form of Bachelor In Paradise Canada. This iteration of BIP is sure to be a standout as it blends international stars in one enthralling season.

Bachelor In Paradise Canada premieres on Sunday, October 10, at 8 p.m. EST. The show is available to watch on the Canadian network, CityTV. Unlike previous US seasons of Bachelor In Paradise that were filmed on luxurious islands, this Canadian version is set in a summer camp.  At “Camp Paradise,” contestants will look for love while taking part in a variety of outdoorsy activities from canoeing to bonfires. In true Canadian fashion, Camp Paradise is built in a secluded area off of the northern Ontario lakeside. Bachelor In Paradise Canada will be hosted by Jesse Jones and will feature Bachelor In Paradise season 5 alum Kevin Wendt as the Canadian camp’s bartender. In an interview with Daily Hive, Kevin explained that the Canadian show will not be a carbon copy of the US series.

Kevin shared, “We also took all the important things from America like the roses and the drama and the love, but then we added a nice Canadian twist.” One major twist is that Bachelor In Paradise Canada will feature stars from the US seasons as well as the Canadian franchise. The crossover event will feature 12 alumni from US and Canadian seasons of The Bachelor. Some of the notable returning US stars include Brendan Quinn from The Bachelorette season 17, Angela Amezcua from The Bachelor season 21, and Alex Bordy from The Bachelorette season 13. In addition to those 12 alumni, Bachelor In Paradise Canada will feature 14 Canadian fans from Bachelor Nation to ensure that this season will be unlike anything the fans of The Bachelor have ever seen before.

Even though some fan-favorites are returning on Bachelor In Paradise Canada, this international spinoff is set to be unlike anything viewers can prepare for. From the new setting at Camp Paradise to the blend of old and new cast members, this Bachelor offshoot could be the most innovative entry into the franchise in many years. A new chapter begins with the premiere of Bachelor In Paradise Canada this Sunday.

Source: Daily Hive

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