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Blair Witch Dev Returning To Layers Of Fear Franchise

Bloober Team has revealed a return to its popular Layers of Fear series with a new teaser trailer. The horror developer, known for games including Blair Witch, The Medium, and Observer, hasn’t confirmed whether the next Layers of Fear project is a new addition to the series, a remake, or some form of DLC, but has left clues within the new video for fans to unpick.

Bloober Team has quickly become one of the biggest game studios in the horror genre thanks to a steady stream of scare-inducing releases across a range of platforms. The Layers of Fear games are arguably some of the developer’s most popular, offering jumpscares aplenty with a focus on story and exploration. 2016’s Layers of Fear was followed by the Inheritance DLC and Layers of Fear 2, all of which have all been positively received by players, and news of a new experience in the series will be welcomed by many.

Announcing the new Layers of Fear project with a teaser trailer, Bloober Team has confirmed a return to the series with a new project made in Unreal Engine 5, though what the game actually is remains unclear. The teaser trailer features an artist deterred from painting on a blank canvas by an ominous female voice. A shot of the player character holding a wedding ring suggests the speaker is – or was – his wife. In the video description, Bloober writes:

“Layers of Fear was a breakthrough project for us. Now we return to this universe. Check out this Unreal Engine 5 teaser trailer for clues on what this new, yet-to-be-titled project could be!”

The game is targeting a 2022 release, and it’s not the only new Bloober game on the horizon. A press release reveals that along with the new Layers of Fear, Bloober Team is also working on two AAA projects that have yet to be announced, “one in production and one in pre-production.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

The teaser trailer from The Medium developer doesn’t give much away, though it does seem to include a reference to the RMS Titanic. A White Star Line cruise ticket can be seen on the artist’s desk, along with an image that very much resembles the sunken ship. This could potentially tie the mysterious new Layers of Fear project to Layers of Fear 2, which is set aboard a luxury cruise ship. Fans are advised to keep an eye on Bloober Team’s social channels for further announcements on the new game.

The reveal is an interesting one as it’s believed that Bloober Team is also working on the classic survival horror series, Silent Hill. The studio previously teased a future big game project that spurred rumors of a remake or new addition to the franchise. Speculation ramped up following news that Bloober Team has partnered with Konami, the publisher and IP owner of the Silent Hill brand. Bloober’s confirmation that the new Layers of Fear project is being developed alongside two unannounced AAA games could mean a new Silent Hill may well be in the works.

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