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Brian Laundrie update live: Dog the Bounty Hunter and John Walsh dubbed ‘dusty relics’ as police dog joins search

Watch live as coroner gives update on Gabby Petito autopsy

A human remains-detecting police dog has been brought to the Carlton Reserve to assist police in the search for Brian Laundrie.

At the same time, Steven Bertolino, the lawyer representing Mr Laundrie and his family, called Dog the Bounty Hunter and John Walsh – the former host of “America’s Most Wanted” – “dusty relics” who were exploiting Gabby Petito’s death to feed their “egos.”

Ms Petito’s parents flew to Wyoming after Teton County coroner Dr Brent Blue revealed that their daughter was killed by manual strangulation. Ms Petito’s family will collect her remains after a weeks-long autopsy.

According to Dr Blue, Ms Petito died 3-4 weeks before her body was located on 19 September. The coroner said that, under Wyoming state law, he could only release the manner and cause of death. All other details concerning the autopsy are not yet open to the public.

A police manhunt for Mr Laundrie remains without leads after a Florida nature reserve was searched and there is believed to be only a 50 per cent chance the missing man is still alive, police have said.


Petito case almost certain to involve first-degree murder charge, says lawyer

The results from Gabby Petito’s autopsy, partially released to the public this week after a lengthy delay, mean the case will almost certainly involve a first-degree murder charge, according to one former prosecutor.

The fact that Petito was killed by strangulation means prosecutors will inevitably claim a degree of premeditation on the part of whoever is arrested for the crime, says Mark Eiglarsh, a criminal defence lawyer and former prosecutor for Miami-Dade County.

Mr Eiglarsh told Fox News that killing by strangulation “almost always gets you first-degree murder”.

“You put your hands around the neck, that’s an unwanted touching, that’s simple battery or assault,” he said. “Then you start to squeeze, your argument could be, ‘Well, I just wanted to scare them.’ But then you contuse to affix pressure… There’s a certain amount of minimal time that someone needs to do that before somebody is dead,” Eiglarsh said.

“I think there’s a strong argument that if premeditation didn’t exist prior to the physical contact, it certainly was developed at some point during the strangulation.”

So far no suspects have been named in the Petito case. Brian Laundrie, the 22-year-old’s boyfriend who returned home alone from their road trip together, has been named by police as a “person of interest” and remains missing.

Adam Withnall15 October 2021 06:21


What would happen if Brian Laundrie is never found?

Brian Laundrie has been missing for a month. Searches led by both the North Port Police and the FBI have turned up no new clues as to his whereabouts, and a scattering of reported sightings across the country have largely been proven false.

Survival experts agree that even a highly-trained survival expert would struggle evading capture and staying alive in the swamp for weeks on end, leading them to believe Mr Laundrie is either not in the swamp, or he is dead.

The North Port police agree, with Public Information Officer Josh Taylor claiming the likelihood of Mr Laundrie’s survival was “50-50.”

Graig Graziosi looks at what happens if he is never found alive.

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 04:00


ICYMI: Autopsy confirms Gabby Petito cause of death as strangulation

Gabby Petito’s cause of death was homicide by strangulation, a coroner confirmed on Tuesday.

The Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue found Ms Petito died by “manual strangulation/throttling” in a written autopsy ruling released on Tuesday afternoon.

“In the of death in Gabrielle Venora Petito, we find the cause of death the cause is by strangulation and the manner is homicide,” Dr Blue told a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 03:00


Laundrie attorney slams Dog the Bounty Hunter

The attorney representing Brian Laundrie and his parents has lashed out at reality TV stars Duane Chapman – aka Dog the Bounty Hunter – and former America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh, claiming they’re using the Gabby Petito case to fuel their “egos”.

Steven Bertolino made the comments to TMZ on Thursday after Mr Chapman tried to interview Mr Laundrie’s sister, Cassie, and Mr Walsh posited a theory that Mr Laundrie had fled to Mexico.

“Dusty relics like that Dog and John Walsh need a tragic situation like this so they can clear the cobwebs off their names and give their publicity hungry egos some food,” he reportedly told the outlet.

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 02:00


Gabby Petito’s body is finally released by coroner so she can be cremated

Gabby Petito’s body was released by a coroner in Wyoming on Thursday to a local mortuary for cremation.

Teton County’s coroner Brent Blue had said a day earlier that Petito was killed by manual strangulation and that she had died three to four weeks before her body was found on 19 September.

Petito’s father Joseph Petito travelled to Wyoming on Wednesday to collect his daughter’s ashes and bring them back home to Long Island, New York.

Sravasti Dasgupta reports.

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 01:00


Watch: Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart speaks out on Gabby Petito

“In Gabby’s case in particular, I mean, I was alive, and I came home, and hers tragically has not ended that way,” Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart said.

“But knowing what it’s like being on the other side and potentially what may have happened and what may have led up to her final moments, and understanding probably a lot of what she was feeling, it’s heartbreaking.”

Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart speaks out on ‘heartbreaking’ Gabby Petito case

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 00:25


Missing woman’s family take to TikTok to help find her after social media helped locate Gabby Petito

Courtney Bryan’s most recent Instagram post shows her relaxing in the Hunt Hot Springs at the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, northern California on 23 September.

The 32-year-old is believed to have spent the day at the secluded spot 270 miles north of San Francisco with her dog and travelling companion, a black-and-white border collie mix called Booch.

After sending a text message from near the springs just after 9pm that night, Ms Bryan vanished, along with Booch and the maroon 2004 Subaru Legacy they were travelling in.

Desperate for answers and having seen how effectively social media was used in the Gabby Petito case, Ms Bryan’s sister Katana Curven has taken to TikTok asking for help.

Justin Vallejo15 October 2021 00:00


Gabby Petito strangled with bare hands rather than instrument, coroner says

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Gabby Petito clarified the cause of death, “manual strangulation/throttling:, as being done by human hands rather than an instrument or piece of equipment.

Teton County, Wyoming Coroner Brent Blue told the body experienced decomposition after being exposed to the elements for nearly a month.

“Throttling generally means that it was done with human hands as opposed to an instrument,” Teton County, Mr Blue told the outlet.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be, but manual strangulation basically means it was not done with equipment.”

Justin Vallejo14 October 2021 23:35


Gabby Petito’s family to meet with law enforcement, report says

After collecting her ashes in Wyoming, the family of Gabby Petito is expected to meet with law enforcement on Thursday afternoon.

The meeting come after Petito’s mother, father, stepmother and stepfather, along with their family attorney, visited the site where her remains were recovered at the Spread Creek Dispersed Campground, according to a source quoted by Fox News.

Justin Vallejo14 October 2021 23:10


Watch: Aerial footage of Carlton Reserve search

Pasco County K9 cadaver dogs joined the search in Carlton Reserve today. Eagle 8 WFLA did a fly over of the search, which can be seen in the video below.

Justin Vallejo14 October 2021 22:50

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