Bridesmaid Goes Viral on TikTok After Dyeing Dress Days Before Wedding

  • Tristan Olivo was a bridesmaid in a May wedding, but the dress she ordered was the wrong color.
  • Olivo shared a TikTok video showing off how she dyed the dress twice to get the right shade.
  • Olivo said the bride loved the color of her dress after she dyed it. 

Tristan Olivo was allowed to pick any bridesmaid dress she wanted for her friend’s wedding — as long as that dress was a burnt or rust-orange color.

She purchased three different dresses and ended up falling in love with a $40 option from Shein. There was just one problem: It was neon orange. 

Instead of picking a different dress that was in the orange shade the bride requested, Olivo decided she would try to dye the Shein gown just days before the wedding. 

The original color of Olivo’s dress was neon orange, she said.
Tristan Olivo

She shared part one of her journey in a TikTok video on May 8. The video had 23.9 million views as of Sunday. 

To change the color of the dress, Olivo first cooked up an orange and yellow dye from the brand Rit Dye on the stovetop and let the dress sit in the mix for 30 minutes. She then hung the dress to dry and “prayed it was the right color,” as she said in the video. 

“The first time I dyed it, it was just a shade darker but nothing noticeable,” she told Insider. 

Olivo said the dress didn’t change much in color after she dyed it the first time.
Tristan Olivo

After her first TikTok video went viral, Rit Dye commented and told her the exact dye mix that would give her the shade of orange she wanted. Olivo bought the dyes on Amazon and tried to adjust the color of the dress a second time.

On May 9, Olivo shared her second attempt in a TikTok video that had 5.9 million views on Sunday. She told Insider her second attempt at dyeing the dress went better than the first, and she ended up with the perfect shade of orange. 

“This was my first time dyeing anything, so I was just winging it,” she said. “The whole thing was stressful, but I’m relieved now that it’s over.” 

“It feels good to be able to wear the dress, as it was always my favorite out of the ones that I had,” Olivo added. “That’s why I put all the work into dyeing it.”

Olivo told Insider she was set on wearing the Shein dress.
Tristan Olivo

In the end, Olivo told Insider that her bride loved the way the dress turned out, and she asked the rest of her bridesmaids to pick looks that matched Olivo’s. 

“Once she saw me in it, she was set on me wearing it because it looked so good,” she said. “It all blended together so nicely, and she was so happy.” 

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