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Dangerous Food Pairings to Avoid at All Costs 


Consuming junk food can be harmful and can cause health risks. We all know this, yet we continue to eat our way through. Not just unhealthy food choices, but certain healthy food combinations could cause health issues.

You must be aware of the food pairings that are harmful. For example, here are some risky food combinations. Be aware and stay clear of these combinations.

Fruits and yogurt

Combining fruit and dairy products could cause minor health problems. However, dairy products like yogurt may create sinus congestion, promote colds, and intensify symptoms of allergies. The symptoms may become worse when you combine dairy food with fruits. It is therefore recommended to consume only natural Greek yogurt without any other fruit.

Medicine for cough and citrus

A study published in Men’s Health magazine said lemon juice could slow down enzymes that break down cholesterol, lowering statins. The most well-known cough medicine is dextromethorphan. It can accumulate in your bloodstream. If you don’t block statins, it will increase the drug’s unwanted side effects.

The side effects of these medications include insomnia and hallucinations. Therefore, we recommend staying clear of lime juice if you experience a throbbing throat. Always follow the prescriptions of the pharmacist regarding this issue.

Fruits at mealtime or right after eating

Fruits are excellent for your health. This is because they swiftly pass through the stomach before being absorbed into the intestines. However, when you eat fruit with your meal and meats, grains, and dried food items, These remain in the digestive system for too long and begin to ferment. This can cause the destruction of the intestinal walls and also other health risks.

Fries and Burger

Foods that are cooked too long, such as burgers, contain significant levels of fat Preservatives, preservatives, and other chemicals that can result in charcoal-like things. If this is combined with the sugar found in potato fries, it creates inflammation-causing cytokines and accelerates the process of aging. Therefore, be cautious.

Fruit Juices and Muffins

The mid-afternoon snacks provide plenty of calories. A lack of protein and fiber conflicts with eating a lot of sugar, which can affect blood sugar. If you’re keen to bake muffins, opt for wholegrain varieties.

Dessert and wine

Unfortunately for those with an addiction to sweets, the combination of sweet and sour can result in a bad stomach. Alcohol can alter blood sugar levels and increases insulin production. Therefore, if you put an excessive amount of sugar in your dessert, it will accumulate fat and lead to weight gain.

A better option is to drink wines with low-glycaemic index foods like fibrous vegetables.


If you are aware of wrong food combinations and you’re one step towards becoming healthier by staying clear of these combinations.


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