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EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Review: A Great Gaming Headset

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset is the newest high-end wired headset for the Danish company, coming in at a solid $179 price point. It’s an extremely polished device that provides a blend of crisp audio quality, sleek yet comfortable design, and intuitive features, to make it an easy recommendation for those looking for their next great headset.

EPOS offers two different variants of the H6PRO headset to choose from: Open Acoustic and Closed AcousticThe Open Acoustic variant is best used for cinematic gaming and features ventilation holes in the ear cups to allow sound to naturally filter in and out, creating a wider soundscape for better sound and letting users hear their own voice/outside environment while playing. The Closed Acoustic variant is marketed more towards individuals trying to eliminate outside distractions for competitive gaming sessions, foregoing the ventilation holes in the ear cups to prevent any sound from leaking in or out to help players solely focus on a game’s sounds. Screen Rant was provided with the H6PRO Open Acoustic variation for this review.

In terms of getting started with the H6PRO, EPOS couldn’t have made it any simpler for users. The headset comes with 3.5mm audio jacks optimized for both console and PC usage. All players have to do is plug the appropriate audio jack into both the headset and controller/PC, and the headset is ready to go. No extra steps like software installation or anything related is required, making it simple to switch between devices on a whim and continue receiving great audio quality.

The H6PRO Balances Comfort, Simplicity & Quality Audio Deftly

The H6PRO headset is a stylish-looking unit that reaches high levels of comfort during long play sessions. EPOS states the headset is 20% lighter than their GSP 500/600 Series, and while the unit isn’t the lightest unit on the market, it’s definitely a balanced headset that doesn’t weigh down the head while wearing it. The headband has a memory foam covering that provides comfort on top of the head, and the memory foam ear pads fit snugly over the ears without being too tight. They hold their comfort status for players who wear glasses as well, which is good for those looking for a new headset that won’t press too hard on their glasses’ frames. The H6PRO also allows for customization to maximize comfort by allowing players to swap out the ear pads with any others that fit the headset’s profile if they aren’t comfortable enough.

The H6PRO also stands out with how intuitive the features are, virtually eliminating any confusion that a player could have about how to operate the headset. A large volume wheel is dedicated to the outer surface of the right ear cup, making it extremely easy for users to quickly adjust audio levels while playing without having to fumble for the dial. The bidirectional microphone picks up the player’s voice clearly, with other players claiming that callouts during intense matches of Apex Legends could be heard with ease. Muting the mic is as simple as rotating the boom arm upward until vertical, and the boom arm can be completely removed and replaced with a cover pad for those using an external mic or wanting to wear them outside of gaming.

The audio output of the H6PRO is a balanced affair that allows for a natural soundscape of clear highs, mids, and lows. Ghostrunner’s synth-heavy soundtrack shines through the headset’s speakers, immersing players in the cyberpunk world without overwhelming the game’s dialogue or sounds effects of enemy artillery. The H6PRO also works effectively during multiplayer games, with footsteps ringing out clearly in games like Splitgate amidst the more bombastic noises of the battlefield.

The H6PRO is compatible with an extensive list of gaming platforms, including the PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac and mobile devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This allows gamers across the board the opportunity to use these powerful headphones, which is a great selling point for EPOS. After considering the superb build quality, excellent audio and easy-to-use features, gamers can’t go wrong with giving the EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset serious consideration.

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset is available now for $179. A unit was provided by EPOS for the purpose of this review.

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