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Every Character Who Could Return For 24’s Revival

If 24 returns, a number of characters from the original show could be on hand for Jack Bauer’s next mission with CTU. Though Fox’s latest dive into the world of 24 didn’t work out as intended, it’s been confirmed that the network is indeed considering a true revival of the hit series.

Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn confirmed that creative discussions are happening regarding a potential return for the Kiefer Sutherland-led action thriller series. Nothing concrete has been established yet, but it’s a good sign for the series, considering that it was unclear if 24 would ever be revisited again. Several years after what was supposed to be its eighth and final season, Fox reunited Sutherland’s Jack and Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe O’Brian for one more terrorist threat in the single-season, 12-episode story, 24: Live Another Day. In 2017, Fox launched a spinoff titled 24: Legacy, which followed an all-new protagonist and a different cast of characters working at CTU. It was cancelled after only one season, which pulled in disappointing ratings.

It seems that the failure of 24: Legacy hasn’t killed the franchise, as talk about another revival has persisted for years. However, nothing has come of it – yet. But the reveal that producers are still having conversations about Jack Bauer and 24 gives hope that the series might find new life. If Fox does pull the trigger and order a new season of 24, it could reunite several old cast members. Due to the nature of 24, a long list of former friends and acquaintances of Jack are dead, but at least a few are still among the living.

Jack Bauer

Though there were multiple reasons that can explain 24: Legacy’s inability to take off on Fox, the one that’s most commonly attributed to the lack of interest is the absence of Jack Bauer. The character, know for doing for whatever it takes to protect the country, was the driving force behind the original series, so inspiring enthusiasm for a 24 project that doesn’t feature Jack was always going to be a challenge. Looking at what happened with 24: Legacy, Fox may have reservations about taking a second stab at a 24 series that doesn’t include him. As for whether or not Sutherland would play Jack again, the actor has made it clear that he’s open to reprising the role. So all things considered, it’s a safe bet that if 24 does return to Fox, the cast will be headlined by Sutherland. If such a scenario happens, it can properly continue Jack’s story and find a way to get him out of Russia, where’s he currently being held prisoner for decisions that he made in season 8.

Kim Bauer

A new season of 24 can catch up with Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), who was last seen early in season 8. It makes sense that if and when Jack gets out of Russia, one of the first things he’d want to do is check in on his daughter, who has a family of her own. Or, it may be that the show’s villains – as they often do on 24 – will target Kim in order to get to Jack. Putting Kim in danger could be a way of making things personal for Jack.

Chloe O’Brian

A new Jack Bauer story set in the world of 24 would feel incomplete if it didn’t incorporate his biggest ally. The former CTU analyst and hacker has been a part of every mission with Jack since her introduction in season 3. When she was last seen, Jack traded himself to the Russians to save her. The two have had their share of issues, but their bond has remained intact. As long as Mary Lynn Rajskub is willing to return, it makes sense that 24 will stick to tradition and find a place for her in the story. When taking into consideration everything that she brings to the table with her technical expertise and hacking skills, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Tony Almeida

For the most part, 24 season 10 is likely to ignore 24: Legacy, but one plot development it may draw from is the direction the spinoff took with Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard). Tony’s 24 story ended with him in prison for betraying his country, but Legacy set him loose, allowing him to embark on a path of redemption. If Tony stays on this course, 24 could continue the Jack-Tony dynamic in an interesting way by forcing the two into a team-up.

Allison Taylor

After becoming the first female President of the United States, Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) had to make some hard, questionable decisions in 24 that ultimately cost her the job she had fought so hard to get. She resigned from the presidency at the end of season 8, and though she’ll never receive another government position, she could be still be relevant to 24’s story. President Taylor, who was sympathetic to Jack’s problems, could gather some contacts and resources that may come in handy for Jack at some point down the line, especially if he doesn’t renew his ties to the United States government.

Aaron Pierce

Glenn Morshower was never a series regular on 24, but his character, Aaron Pierce, has an impressive tenure on the show that extends across the first seven seasons. Highly viewed as one of the most likable additions to the cast, the Secret Service agent made numerous appearances on the show, and feels like a great candidate for a potential revival. As one of the few living 24 characters whose reputation wasn’t tarnished by the events of the series, Aaron could find himself in a position of authority in the government that could enable him to play a much more significant role in the future.

Kate Morgan

Despite being set up to take Jack’s place as 24’s next main character in 24: Live Another Day, Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovksi) didn’t end up having any connection to 24: Legacy. That plan was abandoned, but that doesn’t mean it can’t find something to do with Morgan, who developed into a dependable ally of Jack for his last mission. She’s no longer associated with CTU, but like it usually is with Jack, that could change in the event of a new terrorist attack.

Nadia Yassir

Marisol Nichols, who played Nadia Yassir in 24 season 6, said in 2017 that she’d be willing to return. Such a character coming back into the fold would make sense, especially in light of how Nadia’s story ended. After being false accused of being a mole, Nadia proved to be a competent and reliable CTU official. She even temporarily took the reins when Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) was forced out. A 24 revival could see her appointed as active CTU director.

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