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Every Redhead Disney Heroine, Ranked By Likability

Disney has presented fans with many diverse characters who all have unique appearances. Fans agree that the artwork for characters is very important to the overall mood of the production. Disney’s female characters, in particular, come with different looks and outfits as well as gorgeous flowy hair of all varieties.

There are blondes, brunettes, redheads, and even some characters with more exceptional hair colors and styles. None are more impactful and memorable than the wonderful cartoon characters with red hair, though. Some are more liked than others, but overall these ginger Disney characters are the most unforgettable heroines.

Updated on September 22, 2021, By Lynn Gibbs: Disney has some of the most memorable redheaded cartoon characters in a sea of cartoons. From The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel to Brave‘s Merida, there’s no character more striking and eye-catching than these red-headed beauties. But it’s not just their hair that sets them apart from the other Disney heroines; it’s their spunky personalities. These brave characters all have something in common: a desire for independence and to have their voices heard. So not only are they fiercely strong but their unique hair color sets them apart from Disney princesses like Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle.

10 Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit is Roger’s wife. She is suspected of being disloyal to Roger and being part of a plot to frame him. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was unique for its time due to the blending of live-action and animation.

This Disney redhead is not likable for a number of reasons. She is depicted as a sultry, unfaithful, scheming, character who leaves the audience dubious about her intentions throughout the entire film. It isn’t until the second half that her true loving nature is revealed and viewers realize they were greatly mistaken. By the end, this redhead became a standout Disney heroine due to her selflessness and bravery.

9 Merida (Brave)

In Brave, viewers witness Merida, with her voluminous red locks, embark on a great quest to save her mother from a curse. The reason that Merida must take this quest is that she was the one who brought it on to her family in the first place.

The story follows this fiery redhead as she tries to undo her wrongs, grow up, and face reality about her responsibilities as a princess. Merida has many redeeming qualities, making her an incredible role model for viewers. Her red hair also makes for incredible fan art. Still, compared to other Disney redheads, Merida isn’t as likable due to the mess she caused.

8 Thumbelina (Thumbelina)

The story of the small girl in the movie Thumbelina (which is not a Disney movie, but does come from former Disney animator Don Bluth) is a fantasy about fairies, flowers, and relationships with other small animals. It became a charming fairy-based movie filled with wonder.

The fairytale film follows Thumbelina, who is mothered by a real-size human and kidnapped by frogs before finally being saved by a fairy prince. Thumbelina learns to accept herself for who she is while teaching a hot-shot prince the meaning of true love and compassion. Her likability comes from her good heart, innocent nature, and romantic fantasies. And while her hair isn’t fiery as some of the others, she earns her spot.

7 Anna (Frozen)

Frozen‘s lovable Anna became a household icon and she never disappointed the fans who are completely obsessed with her and her sister, Elsa. Still, Anna didn’t understand that her sister suffered a traumatizing childhood due to her secret power.

During a time of great uncertainty, Anna decided to leave her kingdom and her people in the hands of a man she didn’t know. She then embarked on a deadly journey to find her sister — the rightful queen — who didn’t want to be found. Of course, one can’t forget how Anna forces a random guy to be her travel companion. In the end, if it wasn’t for Anna’s bravery and perseverance, Frozen wouldn’t have had a happy ending. Her bubbly and energetic personality — matched with her tenacity — is what made her so likable.

6 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel is a princess who will always be loved and admired by fans. She fought hard for her love to prevail and went against anything that stood in her way. While her father thought Ariel’s worst traits were that she was curious and rebellious, they were actually what set Ariel apart from the others. Her headstrong nature is what makes her such a fam-favorite.

Some viewers might say she should have been happy with her life as King Triton’s daughter because she had a loving family, a beautiful voice, and everything else a sea princess could ever want. Yet, Disney’s cherished redhead proved that the heart wants what it wants and she didn’t stop until she reached her goals. She’s daring and brilliant and likable.

5 Jessie (Toy Story 2)

The free-spirited character Jessie is introduced in Toy Story 2 as an energetic and spunky pull-string cowgirl toy. This redhead really lived up to her role as a fiery girl with a lot of wits. Her headstrong personality made her one of the bravest heroines in Disney animation. Unlike many female characters in Disney’s older works, Jessie never needed to be saved by a man.

She quickly became one of the most likable characters in the franchise, as she added life and color to the story. Jessie suffered some trauma after being thrown into a charity box by her owner, but she overcame her circumstance, making her character in the popular Toy Story franchise one of the most progressive.

4 Jenny (Oliver & Company)

Jenny is a cute little redheaded girl from a Disney movie that is often forgottenOliver & Company. The animated film introduced the darling Jenny, a determined character with tons of passion and love for her animal friends. Although Jenny seemed like she had it all, she was also lonely. When she found a stray kitten named Oliver, she took him in and raised him as her own. Unbeknownst to Jenny, Oliver already belonged to a pack of stray dogs who were on a mission to bring him back.

Jenny is a heroine who will stop at nothing to protect her new kitten Oliver and give him the home he deserves. She doesn’t get credit for being a Disney princess but she definitely performs a lot of good deeds and has very admirable traits.

3 Roxanne (A Goofy Movie)

Though full of comedic hijinks, A Goofy Movie is actually one of Disney’s deepest films. Throughout the movie, Roxanne doesn’t have many scenes, but she still manages to be a heroine in the end. She is the popular girl at school, though she only has eyes for Max, a clumsy kid whom she finds charming and funny.

In the movie, Roxanne manages to help Max realize that he should be honest with himself and be who he really is rather than what he thinks others want him to be. Roxanne stands out with her red locks and stunning smile and she adds a whole lot of character and classiness to this silly comedy. Thanks to her constant kindness, brilliance, and confidence, it’s hard not to like Roxanne.

2 Helen (The Incredibles)

Mrs. Incredible herself, Helen Parr, is a redheaded superhero who is ready to fight crime at every turn. Her role in The Incredibles proves her to be a goodhearted, witty, and loving mother to her super-kids. She’s a character who can do it all and was one of the most intelligent characters in The Incredibles.

When her husband goes missing, Helen suits up and is ready to save him no matter what danger is involved. She took time off from fighting crime to raise her family, but when she’s needed for the greater good, Mrs. Incredible rises to the occasion. Fortunately, her children stow away in her plane and help save their family from doom. Helen is one of the most likable Disney redhead heroines for her devotion to family and her ability to spring into action at any given time.

1 Giselle: Enchanted

Disney’s Enchanted is a blend between the real world and the animated world. This unique aspect made the movie more interesting because it gave viewers a more relatable princess story.

Giselle is a likable character because of her many charms and flaws. She learns the meaning of true love, an important lesson. She is a princess whose story really melts the hearts of viewers and remains relevant in Disney’s movie timeline.

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