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Every Song In Dexter: New Blood (So Far)

Warning: SPOILERS for Dexter: New Blood episode 2.

The Dexter: New Blood soundtrack is perfectly scored to mark the return of Michael C. Hall’s haunting serial killer after almost a decade. Dexter originally ran from 2006 to 2013 before the show concluded with season 8. The finale, which saw Dexter fake his own death and has moved to Astoria, Oregon where he is living under an assumed name. Dexter: New Blood picks up with Dexter still living under an assumed name and is set almost ten years after the original series concluded.

Dexter originally saw the serial killer living in Miami where his killings had earned him the name “The Bay Harbor Butcher.” He struggled with human emotions but eventually began to assimilate more and more, even having romantic relationships and fathering a son, Harrison Morgan. After Dexter season 8, Dexter: New Blood picks up with Dexter, now living as Jim Lindsay in the small town of Iron Lake. Dexter slowly finds himself drawn to kill once again, murdering Matt Caldwell, and around the time that he does so Harrison, his son from the first season, arrives having sought out his father.

The TV series relies heavily on moments of Dexter being alone or closed off and the Dexter: New Blood songs regularly serve to underscore the messaging that isn’t being conveyed through more direct conversation. Given that Michael C. Hall is an executive producer on the show, it should come as no surprise that the Dexter: New Blood soundtrack is on point as he has a strong connection to music. As well as serving as the vocalist for the band Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, he has fronted large musical productions such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch, David Bowie’s Lazarus, and (strangely) Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical. Here’s every song that appears on the Dexter: New Blood soundtrack.

Dexter: New Blood, Episode 1: Cold Snap

Dexter has established a new life in the small town of Iron Lake, has avoided any kills for almost ten years, and has a steady and comfortable life. That is thrown into chaos when he meets Matt Caldwell, a man who pushes Dexter’s buttons and meets every criteria for Dexter’s old code for killing. This is all complicated by the arrival of a teenage Harrison in search of his father.

“The Passenger” – Iggy Pop: This song plays in the opening scenes as Dexter is running through the woods hunting a white stag. The title and topic of the song are foreshadowing of Deb Morgan’s presence as Dexter’s new Dark Passenger.

“Burning For You” – Blue Oyster Cult: As Dexter is driving past the sign for Iron Lake, suggesting he lives on the outskirts of the town, this plays as he is pulled over by the chief of police, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), who is also his girlfriend.

“King of a One Horse Town” – Dan Auerbach: This Dexter: New Blood song plays as Dexter is first seen walking the streets of Iron Lake, greeting the residents by name and seeming generally beloved by his new community.

“Heart of Glass” – Blondie: Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” is added to the Dexter: New Blood soundtrack when Dexter and Angela arrive for line dancing at the local tavern.

“Heavenly Bodies (Fred Falke Remix)” – Midnight Faces: This song is playing in the background of the bar scene when Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson) pressures him to give him the gun he wants before his background check clears.

“Haunted When The Minutes Drag” – Love And Rockets: When Dexter opens up Fred’s Fish & Game for the second time in the episode and helps out a range of customers, this song is heard playing under the montage.

“All Alright” – Sigur Ros: In one of the key moments of the episode, Dexter is able to approach the white stag and reach out to it before it is shot by Matt Caldwell. This part of the Dexter: New Blood soundtrack scores the scene before the gunshot.

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“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – Pentatonix: Pentatonix’s take on this Christmas classic plays as Dexter drives past the Christmas tree lighting festival after having committed his first kill in nearly a decade and before he properly reunites with his son, Harrison.

Dexter: New Blood, Episode 2: Storm of F*ck

The town begins a search for the missing Matt Caldwell and Dexter works hard to throw them off his trail. Angela learns about Harrison and Dexter has a heart-to-heart with him about why he left. Meanwhile, Lily is trapped in a room and being watched somewhere in Iron Lake.

“Black Tambourine” – Beck: When Lily (Kimmy Anne Dunn) comes out of the bathroom to find champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting for her, Beck’s “Black Tambourine,” begins to play as she pops the champagne and dances around the room before cutting off when it is revealed that she is being watched.

“Feel the Pain” – Dinosaur Jr.: “Feel the Pain” begins to play in the background when Harrison, Audrey, and her friends are hanging out at the cabin in the woods and getting to know each other. The song plays throughout the rest of the scene at the Roaring Forks Summer Camp.

“Blood Theme” – Daniel Light: The Dexter theme plays over the end credits.

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Dexter: New Blood, Episode 3: Smoke Signals

Dexter wants to have peace and quiet at his house again and to have a chance to mend his relationship with Harrison. However, that is complicated when the police bring in a forensics expert who rules the situation with Matt Caldwell as foul play and leads to a K9 unit being brought it meaning that Dexter has to make long-term plans for fully disposing of Matt’s body. Meanwhile, the serial killer who has caught Lily is shown killing her and then working with her body.

“Avalance” – Leonard Cohen: As Dexter checks that Harrison is asleep and then heads out to dig up Matt’s body to get his jacket this haunting Leonard Cohen song plays. It continues as Dexter spreads Matt’s scent throughout the woods, ending as he reaches the highway.

“Runaway” – Del Shannon: When the serial killer is preparing to kill his victim, he puts this 1961 Del Shannon on and sings along to it before releasing Lily with the song ending when he shoots her.

“I Just Really Think I Miss You” – The Pistols: As the K9 unit heads out to track Matt Caldwell’s scent in the woods, this song plays over the introduction of Molly while she approached Angela.

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” – The Everly Brothers: When the serial killer is shown washing Lily’s body and draining it of blood, this oddly cheery song from 1958 plays as a juxtaposition.

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“Winter” – Alex Carr: When Audrey is giving Harrison a ride, after they have left the butcher, this song plays in the background as Audrey and Harrison talk about their parents.

“My Heart Can Feel The Pain” – The Tonettes:  This 1965 song plays from Edward Olsen’s car as he gets out to offer Audrey help when her car has broken down.

Dexter: New Blood releases new episodes Sundays on Showtime.

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