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Former Doctor Who Star Thinks Olly Alexander Casting Is Too Obvious

Colin Baker has shared his thoughts on who should be cast as the next iteration of The Doctor, saying casting Olly Alexander would be too obvious.

Former Doctor Who star Colin Baker said that casting Olly Alexander as the timelord would be “too obvious.” Alexander, who also fronts the band Years and Years, has been touted for the role of The Doctor following his breakout success in the critically acclaimed series It’s a Sin. Questions over the future casting of The Doctor come as the show enters Season 13 on October 31.

Baker’s comments come after the recent revelation that the show’s upcoming Season 13 would be Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whitaker’s last as showrunner and lead actor. The replacement for Chibnall’s position as showrunner has already been announced, and the job will be returning to Russell T Davies. Davies was the showrunner for Doctor Who from season 1 to season 4 until he was replaced by Steven Moffatt and has been credited for the series’ re-emergence after a 16-year break. The Doctor’s newly vacant role hasn’t been filled, causing fan-castings and rumors to circulate online. One of the names suggested to take up the part has been Alexander, and whispers about his casting are supported by the reappointment of Davies, as Davies has previously worked with Alexander on It’s a Sin.

Now, Colin Baker has provided his thoughts on the potential casting of Alexander to the iconic role of The Doctor, telling Metro that choosing Alexander for the part would be too obvious. Baker reasoned that Alexander and Davies had already worked together, though he went on to caveat his statement by saying that “if Russell thought he was the right person, then he’s the right person!” Read Baker’s full comments below:

“I think that would be too obvious for him [Russell T Davies]. Mind you, he did cast David Tennant after working with him, so who knows? I don’t know [Olly Alexander’s] work to be honest, so I can’t comment. But if Russell thought he was the right person, then he’s the right person! I wouldn’t argue with Russell.”

The thoughts of previous versions of The Doctor are always welcomed by Doctor Who fans, but as Baker notes, it wouldn’t be the first time a showrunner cast an actor they have previously worked with. Davies had previously worked with David Tennant before giving him the role of The Doctor, and Chibnall had worked with Whittaker on crime drama series Broadchurch before continuing that relationship on Doctor Who. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Alexander were offered the role, though the actor’s management has suggested that he is currently focussing on his musical career.

Doctor Who’s recent history has seen a lot of change behind and on-screen, but fans have largely embraced Davies’s return. However, celebrating the writer’s reappointment will come heightened expectations for season 14, and finding the right actor to play The Doctor will be just as important as ever. Whether it’s Alexander or someone else, the actor who does take up the keys to the TARDIS will have a big job to do.

Source: Metro

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