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How fame affected relationship with my friends- Nigerian Idol star, Comfort reveals

Comfort Alade Itunu, one of the Nigerian Idol Season 6, top 4 contestants, has revealed how fame after the reality music show has affected her relationships, especially with her friends.

Comfort who thrilled millions of Nigerian Idol fans during the show says “I tried to remain really humble more than I was.”

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that Comfort’s exit from the show left Akunna, Emmanuel, Kingdom as top 3 with Kingdom emerging as the winner of the Season 6 show.

In a recent interview with Glam Squad Magazine, the reality star opens up about her life after the reality TV show.

Nigeria Idol S6 Comfort performing “Beautiful”

Comfort Alade talks about where she sees herself in 5 years, how her fans see her and more. Read the interview below:

What was it like starring in Nigerian Idol season 6?

I felt really happy because I saw it as a dream come true for me

Did you expect to be in the top 4?

Well, initially I didn’t but then I got an inner conviction to move on

How did the show affect your life?

Well, just a status change (Socially)

Have the dynamics of the relationship between you and your friends also changed?

That’s a little serious, but I tried to remain really humble more than I was amongst my circle.. However, some of my friends still see me as comfort MY FRIEND rather than comfort NIGERIAN IDOL

How do you handle pressure from your fans “The comforters”?

Not a pressure at all, Just a few of them think I’ve made some millions for myself after starring in Idols S6

As a singer, what’s your definition of the word “Success”?

Being fulfilled in all ramifications, putting it into perspective. It means touching lots of lives positively through my music and making lots of money .. LOLZ

What have you been up to since the show?

A lot, like trying to set up a fashion house, record songs and more plans on the brand Comfort

What other projects are you working on?

A lot yet to be unveiled

What should we expect from Comfort Alade?

A lot

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lots of amazing tunes to my credit. Launched my fashion brand around African countries, being into movies (Movie scores, sound design and maybe acting)

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