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How to Reach Duat in Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 thrives as a roguelike thanks to its multitude of alternative paths and endings. Even specific endings can be achieved through different routes. However, as players progress through the floors, Spelunky 2 can become more difficult. Rewarding environments are often dangerous or difficult to reach. One of the rarer but harsher levels is Duat, where players can grab the Tablet of Destiny, along with a “free” jetpack. While it’s a rough journey, Duat is a great route for players to take toward the end of the game.

When gathering the key items to reach Duat, players first need to find the Hedjet or Vlad’s Crown. Using the Udjat Eye, players can find these hidden in 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4, either purchased through the Black Market or stolen from Vlad in Vlad’s Castle. Another priority should be finding paste. Bombs are the easiest way to kill the enemies waiting in Duat, and using them is almost impossible without paste.

Players will then quickly reach Spelunky 2‘s first boss, the Olmec fight on 3-1. The first goal should be killing Olmec, which players can do using bombs or Olmec’s attacks. Once he’s in the lava, players should quickly exit through one of the holes in the wall and climb to the top to grab the Ankh. Players should then exit 3-1 through the lowest exit, leading to the Temple of Anubis. The correct door to the temple will be marked with three locusts.

How to Reach Duat from the Temple of Anubis in Spelunky 2

As soon as players enter the Temple of Anubis, they need to be prepared to fight. Anubis will begin attacking them, and players should use bombs to kill him. After doing so, players must pick up the Scepter he drops, and carry it through to 4-2. Hidden within 4-2 is a door of solid gold. Players can finally enter the City of Gold if they have the Scepter, as well as the Crown or the Hedjet.

After players have plundered all the gold they can get, they should see a giant altar with an Ankh on top. If players kill themselves on the altar, their Ankh will be consumed, and they’ll be transported to Duat. The easiest way to do this is through fall damage, but any death will work. From there, players will have their health reset and their second life gone, so they’ll need to play safely on their journey through Duat.

If players can reach the top and kill Osiris, they’ll be given the Tablet of Destiny, which can help them on their way to the Sunken City. Afterward, Anubis II will spawn. He will drop a Jetpack when slain. The combination of these key items is perfect to help players further into their Spelunky 2 run, making Duat a key area to reach during any playthrough.

Spelunky 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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