It’s so Hot in America That Bears Are Swimming in Your Pool

  • It’s getting so hot in the US that big, bad, bears are coming to cool off in your pools.
  • When a homeowner tried to let authorities know, they thought he’d been drinking.
  • Watch the extraordinary footage of the bear, chilling in a Simi Valley backyard, right here.

It’s getting so hot in parts of America that black bears are coming to swim in your pool, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Mike Emanuel, a homeowner in Simi Valley, looked out to his yard over the Labor Day weekend, saw someone frolicking in his pool, and thought to himself: “Who the hell was swimming,” out there, according to a Fox 11 Los Angeles report.

It was at a time when temperatures in the region were hitting 108 degrees Fahrenheit. California, like other areas in the US, are gripped by scorching heat.

As Emanuel’s eyes adjusted, he quickly realized it wasn’t a person at all. It was a bear.

Authorities reportedly asked if he’d been drinking

“It’s so dry out there… never in a million years would I think would there’d be a bear swimming in the pool,” Emanuel told the news outlet.

Emanuel dialed a non-emergency line as he did not want any harm to come to the bear.

But when he told authorities on call what he was looking at, they struggled to believe him at first.

“I said, ‘Hey, there’s a bear in my backyard,’ and they asked me if I’d been drinking.”

A black bear is chilling.
Photo by Fox News Los Angeles

The bear can swim in Emanuel’s pool all he likes providing ‘he doesn’t kill’ his family

In video footage captured by the homeowner, the bear can be seen taking a dip in the pool, shaking the drips off of its head, before climbing out to straddle the hot tub.

“He’s welcome in my yard as long as he doesn’t kill me or my family,” Emanuel finished.

Watch the homeowner’s footage right here:

The same bear was spotted in the neighborhood throughout Labor Day weekend, Fox 11 reporter Travis Rice tweeted.

Bears — they’re just like us.

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