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Jennifer Coolidge Says 1 Role Helped Her Sleep With ‘Like 200 People’

The beloved character actor told Variety that thanks to playing Stiffler’s mom — aka the O.G. MILF — in the 1999 movie “American Pie” she was able to really bolster her body count.

“Ya know, I got a lot of play being a MILF,” Coolidge told the outlet in a video promoting a larger profile about the “White Lotus” star. “And I got a lot of s3xual action from ‘American Pie.’ There was so many benefits to doing that movie … There would be, like, 200 people that I would never have slept with.”

But don’t write off Coolidge as merely an opportunist — she has also proven to be quite altruistic.

Last year, for instance, she bestowed the world with a truly brilliant idea for the plot of the highly anticipated “Legally Blonde 3” movie.

“I hope Reese [Witherspoon] and I are running really fast for most of it, we’re running from something really fast,” she told E! News at the time.

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