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Jimmy Fallon’s Cold Burn Of Fox News For Not Airing Jan. 6 Hearing Is Too Good

Now if “cold burn” sounds like an oxymoron, well, it fits here.

“The Tonight Show” host noted that the right-wing network apparently didn’t think the probe into the insurrection was news, even though it was carried live by several major channels.

“Let’s see what they were focused on instead,” Fallon said.

The show cut to a faux news alert with a serious voice intoning, “Tonight on Fox News, is the new Wendy’s pink Frosty trying to turn your kids gay?”

Fallon’s mockery of the conservative channel didn’t stop there. Check it out:

Fox News’ prime-time star Tucker Carlson led the channel’s denial fest in explaining why the channel did not carry the first public hearing on the Capitol riot to overthrow the 2020 election. “They are lying and we will not let them do it,” he said Thursday.

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