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Liz Cheney state primaries result: GOP rep, Palin and Murkowski to learn their fate as Trump gloats

Liz Cheney ad calls out opponents’ stance on the ‘Big Lie’

Voters will decide the fates of two high-profile Republicans on Tuesday as primary elections occur in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the reddest states in the country.

In Wyoming, the vice chair of the House select committee investigating January 6, Liz Cheney, faces an effort by Donald Trump to punish her for disloyalty in the form of Harriet Hageman, her former staffer and current top rival.

Ms Cheney is deep underwater in the polls, and could lose tomorrow by more than 20 points by most indications. However, she has one trick up her sleeve: Democrats, who are rallying behind her in an attempt to block another 2020 electon conspiracist from office. Wyoming has closed primaries, but voters can change their registration on the day of voting.

Meanwhile in Alaska, the state’s former governor and right-wing provocateur Sarah Palin is seeking to make a political comeback after resigning her previous office under a cloud of ethics investigations. She trailed a fellow Republican, as well as one Democrat in the race, in a poll measuring her support levels last month. Alaska has ranked-choice voting, meaning that the candidates will have to contend with both Democratic and Republican voters deciding the outcome.






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‘Was there an actual sentence in there somewhere?’

Liz Cheney’s campaign has mocked the leader of House Republicans after he came up with a jumbled explanation of why he wanted to see the back of his party colleague.

Kevin McCarthy, a staunch Trump loyalist, spoke to Fox News ahead of a primary in Wyoming that Cheney is expected to lose. While they have been close allies for years, the pair fell out when Cheney – formerly the third most senior Republican in the House – sought to hold Trump responsible for his actions in instigating the riot on January 6.

While McCarthy begged Trump to call off his supporters while they stormed the Capitol that day, he has since come back into the former president’s good graces by opposing any investigation into what happened and making a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago.

Interviewed in Wyoming, McCarthy said: “The principle philosophy is less government, an idea of freedom and the aspect – just the concepts of a country that’s conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we’re all …”

Fox correspondent Rich Edson interrupts to say: “But hasn’t she fit that bill over the last several years?”

McCarthy responds: “I think her whole focus has been different. Her whole focus has been against one individual, whether she has information or not, instead of focusing on her district itself.”

Cheney’s campaign was unimpressed, issuing a statement saying: “It’s really difficult to understand that word salad,. Was there an actual sentence in there somewhere?”

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