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Metroid Dread Sees Aggressive Marketing Campaign In Japan

Less than one month before Metroid Dread’s release date, Nintendo is pushing the game’s marketing by putting advertisements up in Tokyo train stations. Nintendo is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to revealing details prior to a title’s release, but its recent Metroid Dread teasers have provided a good deal of information regarding the long-running series’ next installment.

The Metroid series has never been marketed as heavily as other first party Nintendo series prior to Metroid Dread. Despite being one of Nintendo’s flagship series, Metroid isn’t as much of a system seller when compared to the likes of Super Mario and Pokémon. Even if Samus can’t match the plumber, though, Nintendo has been pushing Metroid Dread more than any other Metroid game so far with the number of Metroid Dread trailers being released before launch.

That marketing is being pushed even further in the form of advertisements at Tokyo train stations. User Forkball (via Nintendo Life) tweeted a picture of a Nintendo Switch advertisement in the Yamanote line. The graphic features a shot of the game’s cover, along with the release date at the bottom. It’s a simple advertisement, but the Metroid series hasn’t been used as a promotional vehicle like this in the past; rather, Super Mario is a comparatively more common choice when marketing a Nintendo console.

In contrast, while Metroid Dread is being marketed a decent amount, Metroid Prime 4 still has yet to have a full reveal following Metroid Prime 4’s teaser trailer in E3 2017. The development reset of Metroid Prime 4 has significantly set it back, and its exact status is still unknown. The most information revealed about the game thus far is the number of hires for its development at Retro Studios, which can potentially be seen as a sign that Metroid Prime 4 is progressing slowly.

In the meantime, Metroid Dread is shaping up to be Nintendo’s most successful Metroid game in the series. Following the initial announcement of Metroid Dread, the game topped Amazon pre order charts in multiple countries and moved other Metroid titles on Wii U and 3DS up the sales charts. Though it’s possible Metroid Prime 4 could be even bigger when it gets fully unveiled, the success of Metroid Dread could help contribute to getting revived attention on the influential series just in time for Metroid Prime 4.

Metroid Dread releases on October 8th, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Forkball/Twitter, Nintendo Life

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