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New Red Dead Online “Hardcore” Missions Take Away Aim Assist

Red Dead Online has added new “hardcore” missions along with its A Tough Business event, which come with some tweaks – such as taking away aim assist. The game has received consistent updates since its launch in 2019, including new game modes like Red Dead Online’s Call to Arms mode and new contracts.

This isn’t the first major content update Red Dead Online has received this year: just a few months ago, new crime contracts were added to the game as part of its Blood Money update. Fans had requested the game add more criminal activities, and Blood Money delivered some of what was asked for. Red Dead Online often introduces slightly new mechanics with each content update, such as Blood Money introducing a new currency, Capitale. Though it’s up for debate whether or not Blood Money actually added anything new to the game, Rockstar continues to try to shake the game up with new updates.

Now, with the release of the newest event, Tough Business, Rockstar Games has added new “Hardcore Telegram Missions” to Red Dead Online, and these new missions challenge gamers by taking away aim assist and enemy locations on the map. These missions – which take place in Saint Denis, Armadillo, and Colter – task gamers with taking out targets, rescuing hostages, and stealing from a gang. However, the missions must be executed without some of the tools that gamers have relied on in past missions. These missions promise challenges, a counterpoint to the more monotonous grind of Red Dead Online’s Capitale system. Gamers will need to rely on their own skill rather than the game’s helpful tools, which will likely be a new, engaging experience.

A Tough Business adds a other incentives and in-game discounts. Through October 4, all Trader and Moonshine sales will net gamers an extra 50% Red Dead Online money and Role XP. There’s also a reward for 25 Trader Goods and a Mash Refill, and members of The Quick Draw Club No. 3 will receive a Trader Resupply and 2,000 Moonshiner XP. Also, Horse Races will yield double XP this week, and there are discounts offered on horse supplies and Moonshine Shack upgrades and themes. Add in a reward for those who connect their Rockstar accounts to Prime Gaming, and there appears to be many reasons to jump into Red Dead Online.

Like many online games of this day and age, Read Dead Online keeps up a steady stream of content to hopefully entice new gamers and incentivize former users to revisit the title. Though the quality of these updates can vary, there’s always something new to do or acquire – and that should keep its Wild West in business for some time yet.

Red Dead Online is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Rockstar Games

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