Reviewing Amtrak Cafe Car Menu — What’s Worth It, Not Worth It + Photos

Overall, I found the new menu an improvement on the old one, although it still lacks some fresh and flavorful items.

A quick look at Amtrak’s breakfast menu.
Diana Kruzman

I liked that the new menu had a decent number of new vegetarian and vegan options, such as the tamale. There are also some menu items that can probably be made vegan by not adding cheese, like the Greek salad.

Those items that had vegetables tasted really fresh and provided a welcome dose of nutrients during a long ride. 

But the sandwiches could definitely be improved, and it was tough to find food I wanted to eat by the third day when many items had sold out.

Once Amtrak smooths out these wrinkles, though, dining in the cafe car promises to be almost as enjoyable as the restaurant-quality meals being served to the sleeping-car passengers. (Or at least, that’s what I tell myself, knowing I’ll never be able to afford more than coach). 

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