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Schools that offer Online Business Degrees


It can be challenging to narrow down the options when so many schools offer online business degrees. Therefore, we have compiled this list of top online business schools. It’s easy to find the best chools that offer Online Business Degrees.

Here are Some Schools that offer Online Business Degrees

Anderson University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Anderson University, a private university with a long history, is driven by academic success. The university was founded on the Christian faith and is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. It strives to live up to those principles through its dedicated faculty. The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has fully accredited A.U. It offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Some of these programs are also available online since 2010.

Anderson University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program is an excellent option for professionals looking to advance their careers. This program covers general business skills, including project management, human resource management, and management. In addition, students interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration online (MBA) can use the BBA as a preparatory program.

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Appalachian State University

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, and Management

Online learning is a great way to earn your BSBA degree in Management from Appalachian State University. This program provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage businesses in a dynamic, changing, and competitive global market, including how to retain and attract talented employees and align their activities with strategic goals. Managerial majors are also equipped with valuable interpersonal and leadership skills. They also understand group dynamics well, making them effective managers.

If you are full-time, the entire program will take approximately two years from start to finish. However, the entire program can be completed in 4.5 years if you enroll part-time. You can complete the coursework at any time, no matter your choice. The program is designed to prepare you for a career as a Business Manager, Corporate Investment Banking, Data Analyst, or Project Consultant. You can choose to take the program in the Fall or Spring. For priority admission to Fall courses, April 1 is the deadline. July 1 is the last deadline. For the Spring semester, the priority deadline is September 1. The final deadline is January 1.

Arizona State University

  • Online Bachelor of Arts, Business

Arizona State University offers working adults flexibility and affordability and has been providing this opportunity since 2006. All students in the Online Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Administration receive the same attention as students on campus. Online students require flexibility in learning, so all courses are recorded ahead of time and can be viewed whenever you want. In addition, online students have access to eight ASU libraries that have been awarded the highest honors and membership in an alum network of thousands of students pursuing their degrees.

Each credit costs $530, and the application deadline is rolling. About 44,579 students enroll in online courses each year. U.S. World News & World Report ranks Arizona State University as the sixth-best online bachelor program in the United States. The online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program will require students to take 41 classes. Each class takes approximately 7.5 weeks and 120 credit hours. This is the ideal solution for working adults who need more flexibility.

Ball State University

  • Bachelor in Business Administration

Students enrolled in the Ball State University online Bachelor in Business Administration program will gain strong business knowledge across various business disciplines such as finance and accounting management, operations, and ethics. They also learn how to communicate effectively with others and integrate business knowledge and skills to solve business problems. You can enroll online full-time or part-time for added flexibility for working adults. Each course costs $543 per credit and is offered through the LMS (Learning Management System) and Canvas at Ball State University.

All online students receive the same instruction as students on campus. In addition, online students enjoy the same benefits, such as tutoring access and library access, faculty support, tech support, and more. They can also obtain a Ball State University student identification if they wish. U.S. News & World Report ranks Ball State University #29 among the Best Online Bachelor Programs in America. The deadline still needs to be set, so apply as soon as you are ready. Around 1800 students enroll in online courses each semester. All courses are also AACSB-accredited.

Bowling Green State University

  • Bachelor of Science, Management, and Technology

Online students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Management and Technology at Bowling Green State University. This degree has been offered since 2001. Flexibility is important. This is why BGSU allows you to choose the course start date based on the year. You can choose which month is better than the others. Credits begin at $390, depending on whether you’re an out-of-state or in-state student. The program can be started at any time of the year. Each session lasts seven weeks. This allows you to complete the program in approximately 24-30 months. The HLC has accredited all courses.

Online students will use various tools, such as Blackboard, prerecorded sessions, live classes, and online discussion forums. All students at Bowling Green University are prepared for leadership and engagement in a global society, regardless of when they choose to study. It would not be easy to get an online degree without flexibility. BGSU makes it straightforward to apply for your Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Technology.

California Baptist University

  • Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration – Management

California Baptist University offers an online Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration Management. This is a massive advantage over other schools. It takes just 16 months to complete. U.S. News ranked California Baptist University as the 52 best online bachelor program. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration Management will use programs like Blackboard, WebEx, and Jabber. The professor will decide which software you use. Students may choose to use multiple software programs. Online students have 24/7 access to live tutoring and the freedom to complete their courses whenever they like.

Some online courses require you to attend a particular time or time slot. However, online courses at California Baptist University are prerecorded so that you can choose the time and schedule. The program will equip students with the skills and knowledge to manage small businesses, lead effective change, and grow them. CBU is committed to preparing students of all faiths for successful careers based on the Lasallian values, faith, service, and community.

Central Washington University

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The goal of Central Washington University since 1891 has been to prepare students for responsible, enlightened lives and produce scholarship and research in the public interest. This particular mission has been carried out online since 2011.

Business Administration students can efficiently complete their degree in the Fall, Summer, or Winter semesters. The deadline to apply for the Spring semester is February 31. The deadline to apply for the Summer semester is at the end of February. If you prefer the Winter semester, the application deadline is in December. Last but not least, if you intend to apply for the fall, you must submit your application by August 31. You can complete the entire program at your own pace, but it typically takes 5-6 semesters. The AACSB fully accredits the program for all courses. Asynchronous classes are available in almost all classes except for a few. Online courses have small classes with between 25 and 30 students.

City University of Seattle

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The City University of Seattle was founded in 1973 and became a pioneer in online learning when it launched its first online classes in 2001. The university is located in Seattle, Washington. It offers 43 online programs, including certificates, associate degrees, and undergraduate degrees. U.S. News reports that 1,819 students enrolled in bachelor’s programs at CUS were online recently. Students new to the university will begin classes in October 2020 unless they opt for the summer term, which starts in July.

Blackboard allows students to interact with professors, view course materials, and interact with other students via the learning platform. Students can study online in Seattle, Canada, or at one of the school’s partners universities. CUS students are typically 37 years old, making it one the most welcoming schools for professionals looking to continue their education in mid-career. CUS states have a goal to provide outcomes-focused courses. Students’ ability and willingness to learn is the key to their success. Many CUS professors are actively involved in their fields. CUS’s AACSB-accredited business school emphasizes global perspectives, communication skills, and sustainability.

This program is the first to offer courses explicitly relating to artificial intelligence in business. Forty-five courses are required to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Full-time students can complete the degree in as little as three to four years, thanks to the university’s quarter system. Scott Cairns, School of Business and Management Dean, says, “We are one of Washington’s best institutions for getting students through the finish line.”

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

  • Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – Management

Online learning at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania can be done through D2L’s learning management system or Brightspace, as it is more commonly known. Online students enrolled in the Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management can fulfill the same mission as traditional students. In addition, they will provide students with transformative, lifetime learning opportunities through innovative programs that have been nationally recognized and delivered in an inclusive environment. These courses have been available to online students since 2003.

All courses are prerecorded online to make it easy for students who choose online education. Asynchronous courses allow you to complete the coursework whenever, wherever you like and for as long as you wish. You can apply anytime you are ready to commit. Each course is $347/credit. About 759 students enroll in online courses each semester. U.S. News & World Report also ranks Clarion University as the #39 Best Online Bachelor Program. Clarion University has been praised for its leadership in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, with several accreditations.



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