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Sean Hannity Says Trump Could Run Again As A Felon

Amid an intensifying federal investigation into classified material the FBI seized in a search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last week, the MAGA disciple comforted his radio listeners Monday by telling them that “being a felon is not a disqualification.”

“So, even crimes potentially far more serious than what is being alleged, potential mishandling of classified information, doesn’t stop somebody from seeking the presidency,” Hannity said on “The Sean Hannity Show.”

Hannity noted that the Constitution specifies very few standards to vie for the highest office in the land ― you must be at least 35 and a natural-born U.S. citizen, among them. Felons are welcome to throw their hat into the ring.

“If they think that they’re going to somehow make this about Donald Trump and prevent him from running from office, well they obviously have not read something called the Constitution,” Hannity said. “Because the Constitution is pretty clear on what qualifies one to be able to run for president.”

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