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Sex & The City Reboot First Look: Carrie, Charlotte & Miranda Reunite

The first look at the Sex and the City revival has been released. Officially titled And Just Like That…, taking inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw’s signature transition line in her column, the upcoming project will see three of the four original main characters back together: Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis), and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon). Meanwhile, Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones, will not be returning for the reboot.

Not much is known about the specific plot details of the Sex and the City revival. However, it has been confirmed that the reboot will be a 10-part television series set to debut in HBO Max sometime this fall. The project, which was first reported to be in the works back in December 2020, was officially confirmed a month later. Filming began in June 2021, with production still ongoing around New York City. Despite the lack of any official information regarding the show, set images have revealed additional details, giving fans small glimpses into what they can expect in the series. These behind-the-scenes snippets included teasing the return of Chris Noth’s John James Preston (more commonly known as “Big”), Carrie’s long-time lover turned husband.

As part of the new promotional clip released by HBO Max, hyping their upcoming slate of returning and brand new shows and movies, the network has revealed the first look at the Sex and the City revival. The clip includes a fresh shot of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte seemingly bumping into an old friend while in the middle of shopping. A second scene features Carrie and Big in their home, looking happy and in love. Parker provides the voice over, touting the titular “and just like that,” in the same vein as she narrated the original Sex and the City series. Watch the clip below:

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Seeing the girls back together is sure to excite loyal fans, who are eager to see how the women’s lives have progressed over the years since the Sex and the City 2 film was released back in 2010. Thankfully, it appears as if their close friendship is stronger than ever. That being said, the series will need to build in an explanation as to why Catrall’s Sam is no longer part of the foursome. While the writing team will likely put her absence down to the fact that Sam is not based in New York anymore, it will still seem strange that the character doesn’t have any involvement with her long-time friends. And though it is ultimately behind-the-scenes issues that have hindered Cattrall’s appearance, And Just Like That… will need to come up with an in-narrative justification for her total absence.

Aside from Carrie’s relationship with her girlfriends, of course, fans are also looking forward to seeing the development of her relationship with Big. After years of roller-coaster romance in the original Sex and the City run, plus the drama that occurred in the two spin-off movies, viewers are fully invested in them. It will be interesting to see whether or not Big has proven himself to be worth all the trouble so many years later. From the looks of it, the pair remain very much in love, although persistent rumors suggest that Big may die in the reboot show, explaining why Carrie has been seen back in her old apartment. Big’s potential death could also explain Natasha’s (Bridget Moynahan) involvement as per recent set photos. In any case, with the show’s premiere nearing, fans can expect a full trailer to be released soon, which may put an end to some of these big questions.

Source: HBO Max

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