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Some Jurors At Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial Fell Asleep: Court Reporter

According to Judy Bellinger, who was the court reporter for the six-week trial, some of the jurors had a hard time staying awake during the proceedings.

“There were a few jurors that were dozing off,” Bellinger told Law & Crime Network, adding that she sympathized with them. “It was tough because there was a lot of video deposition. And they would just sit there and all of a sudden, I’d see their head drop.”

One juror who did impress Bellinger was a woman who listened “very deeply” to every word said during the trial.

However, she was an alternate and didn’t participate in the deliberation.

“I thought she would have been a great juror, but she did not get to see it ’til the end,” Bellinger said.

You can hear her comments below.

Last week, the jury in Virginia decided primarily in favor of Depp that a Washington Post editorial written by Heard was defamatory and awarded him $15 million in total damages.

Judge Penney Azcarate capped the total at around $10 million in accordance with state limits. In addition, jurors awarded Heard $2 million in her countersuit for a statement by one of Depp’s attorneys that they found defamatory.

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