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Suspects arrested with two dead children stuffed inside sack in Lagos

Two suspects have been arrested by the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) over the abduction and death of two school children in Lagos state.

It was gathered that the suspects were arrested with the children, already dead and stuffed inside a sack. The children were said to have been abducted while on their way home from school and died before help could come their way.

The suspects were nabbed after police officers on stop-and-search duty at Jibowu, flagged down a vehicle they boarded. As policemen demanded valid documents of the vehicle, the suspects became troubled, fuelling the suspicion that something must be wrong.

According to Daily Trust, a senior officer said; “The suspects offered the policemen an undisclosed amount as bribe to let them go but the officers insisted on searching the vehicle. They discovered a sack inside the booth of the car. When it was opened, they found the two children inside with their hands and legs tired. Their mouths gagged.

“One of the suspects attempted to bolt away but he was arrested. Both the driver of the vehicle and the second occupant and the dead children were taken to SCID.”

Daily Trust reported that a policeman at the Homicide unit of SCID said the parents of the two children had been contacted and were at SCID on Monday to identify the children.

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