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Ted Lasso: Are Roy & Keeley Still Together? The Couple’s Future Explained

In one of its more heartbreaking codas, Ted Lasso’s season 2 finale sees Roy and Keeley drifting apart. Here’s the couple’s future explained.

Roy and Keeley’s future together is hanging in the balance after the tumultuous events of the Ted Lasso season 2 finale. The second season of Apple TV’s beloved sports comedy-drama has certainly not shied away from testing its characters in a series of emotionally trying circumstances. Ted Lasso‘s writing team upping the emotional stakes from its inaugural season has clearly paid off, with the series winning 16 major television awards in 2021 alone.

One such of these awards, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, was gobbled up Brett Goldstein’s portrayal of football hard-man Roy Kent. His burgeoning romance and subsequent relationship with Juno Temple’s Keeley Jones is one of the stand-out dynamics of Ted Lasso‘s continually heartwarming ensemble. Audiences have been subjected to the highs and lows of the pair’s partnership, with Ted Lasso season 2’s final episode ending on a nadir for Keeley and Roy as they decide to spend their respective summers apart.

For the moment, at least, Keeley and Roy end Ted Lasso season 2 still together as a couple, albeit heading in different directions both emotionally and physically. Despite Keeley’s insistence that she is not breaking up with Roy, the two have inevitably been set on different paths for Ted Lasso season 3. Other social factors may continue to hamper the pair next season, with Jamie’s love for Keeley just one looming example.

When viewing Ted Lasso season 2 in its entirety, it becomes abundantly clear that Keeley and Roy have been on different trajectories for quite some time. While Roy is still invested in AFC Richmond, his retirement has seen him begin to read books, join wine clubs for moms, and relax his lifestyle befitting a retired footballer. In contrast, Keeley’s life seems to be ratcheting up a notch as she revels in her new career’s luxury. Roy is well aware of her ascension towards mogul status, with his lack of inclusion in their recent Vanity Fair photoshoot confirming his burgeoning fear that she will eventually outgrow him.

In this way, Keeley’s promotion to the head of a new Bantr funded PR firm in Ted Lasso is just the straw that breaks the proverbial back, with Keeley now entirely focussed on growing her new career contrasting with Roy, who wants to relax. These polarizing wants for Keeley and Roy should not come as a shock to audiences, given Ted Lasso has long foreshadowed that, despite the pair’s obvious attraction, they may not be destined to end up together in season 3. Keeley’s continued attraction to Jamie, and his newfound maturity, suggest that he may be the man to keep up with her more glamorous and fast-paced lifestyle. Just as telling is Roy’s 3-hour flirtation with Phoebe’s teacher, who may yet be a better match for him given their undeniable chemistry and his obvious ties to her community via his niece.

Although technically Goldstein’s Roy and Temple’s Keeley did not break up, this doesn’t prevent Ted Lasso season 3 from confirming this heartbreaking eventuality early on. Keeley and Roy’s seemingly iron-clad relationship at the start of season 2 often anchored the show’s emotional narrative as other characters were falling apart, such as Ted’s anxiety or Sam and Rebecca’s forbidden romance. Despite inspiring feelings of warmth and unity, Ted Lasso is a drama relentlessly anchored in the real world of complex interpersonal relationships, with Keeley and Roy not exempt from its piercingly perceptive gaze.

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