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The Circle: Ruksana & Daniel Explain Renewed Caution With Social Media

After starring in the third season of Netflix’s The Circle, the cast has shared their excitement for the experience, as well as their new caution with social media after the competition. As one of the platform’s top reality television series, The Circle explores the complications of relationships online. Known for its absurd spin on reality television and hilariously critical Circle host, Michelle Buteau, this fun and inventive series continues to stray from superficial romances and focuses on virtual friendship and competition.

Beginning in 2020, the series has progressed for instant success to a well-rounded, often touching experiment involving deception and human connection. With plenty of new friendships and romances stemming from the series, The Circle has not only been a success with fans, but also a positive, COVID-friendly experience for contestants as well. While the series seems to follow a very formulaic sequence of events from season to season, the series had worked hard to keep their new content fresh and shocking, even implementing new Circle rules involving clones.

In a conversation with Fox News, Ruksana Carroll and Daniel Cusimano shared their experiences on The Circle and how their time on the series has changed their thoughts on the game, life, and social media. Ruksana explained that she “is very mindful because once [information] is out there, it’s out there.” Daniel had a much different takeaway involving social media, sharing, “I’m going to keep doing me…Whether you like me, whether you don’t…what you see is what you get and point-blank with a period.” Having grown in awareness throughout the process, both Ruksana and Daniel have both committed to stay true to themselves and protecting themselves virtually. With appearances from Ruksana, Daniel, and the rest of the cast, the audience can expect exciting, dramatic Circle updates weekly on streaming.

The contestants also explored how their perspectives on the game changed throughout their time on The Circle. Ruksana emphasized her status as a role model for her children, prioritizing being “very honest” from start to finish throughout the season. She also shared how her approach to the series was searching for a good “vibe.” Daniel, on the other hand, was initially motivated by “going cutthroat [and] burning the house down,” yet soon discovered that “genuine real people” are the sources of success on The Circle. Daniel noted that “have[ing] your people behind you” is essential to the game. While some favor quiet success and others strong, fiery alliances, both stars agree that friends are the only way to win and get the most out of the experience.

Ruksana’s YouTube career has helped her performance on The Circle, as has Daniel’s theater experience. Both have explained the changes in perspectives that have happened during their experience on the show, as well as how social media has played an integral role in their lives, both off and on the series. Warning of long-term impact and a dangerous call to lose one’s self, both stars agree that social media, and reality television, are most enjoyable when motivated by truth and friendship.

Source: Fox News

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