Timeline of Feuds, Controversies, and TikTok Drama

A public, years-long feud between Hanna and her former friend Jesi Smiles blew up online when Hanna leaked a phone call between them.

Hanna and Smiles had been friends since 2014.
Screenshots from YouTube

In June 2021, Hanna leaked a three-hour phone call with her former friend, YouTuber Jessi Smiles (real name is Jessi Vazquez), in an attempt to clear up a controversy brewing between the influencers for many years. 

Hanna and Vazquez became friends when Hanna was still active on Vine, but had a falling out in 2014 after Hanna, in a now-deleted tweet, said she was skeptical of Vasquez’s rape allegations against another Vine star, Curtis Lepore, who later pleaded guilty to felony assault.

During the leaked call between the two, Hanna reportedly apologized to Vazquez, and Vazquez accepted her apology.

But the call failed to convince everyone. 

In 2019, a fan named Deanna tweeted an accusation that appeared to reference Hanna’s now-deleted tweet. “Gabbie Hanna chose a rapist (a rapist who admitted and wrote/signed a confession to the cops) over her then best friend, who was the victim. And she didn’t just do it privately, but publicly,” she wrote. 

Hanna contacted Deanna by direct message, denying that she ever tweeted in support of Lepore and shared screenshots of previous conversations she’d had with Vazquez to support her claims. Deanna then shared Hanna’s messages with Vazquez, who showed a screen recording of the conversation between Deanna and Hanna in a YouTube video. Vazquez said Deanna shared the messages with her because she felt “manipulated” by Hanna’s denial of the tweet. 

Hanna responded to Vazquez’s video exposé in a now-deleted tweet, and apologized for sending screenshots to Deanna, and for her past behavior. 

The leaked three-hour call was included as part of a YouTube series called “Confessions of a Washed-Up YouTube Has-Been,” in which Hanna addressed various scandals she’d been involved in over time. The series is no longer available to view.

Hanna re-addressed the years-long feud between her and Vazquez in the video. The leaked call  included a segment in which Hanna claimed that Lepore and Vazquez tried to “blackmail” her at one point. She said Lepore called her and edited the audio of their conversation together to make it sound like Hanna was taking his side and did not believe Vazquez’s allegations. 

Discussion about the feud between Hanna and Vazquez exploded on Twitter in the days and weeks after Hanna leaked their phone call, with many users saying they believed Hanna was wrong for how she handled the situation.

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