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Timothée Chalamet Recording Songs For Wonka Movie

Wonka star, Timothée Chalamet, reveals that he recorded music for the upcoming movie musical, which will mark his first time singing on-screen.

Timothée Chalamet, star of the upcoming Wonka movie, recently revealed that he recorded music for the film. Roald Dahl first released his famous fantasy novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in 1964. The book inspired two major film adaptations: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in 1971, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005. Acting as a prequel to the earlier films, Wonka will follow the origin story of the eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka.

The film was announced earlier this year, and confirmed that Chalamet would be headlining as the titular character. Since then, Wonka has continued to accumulate an all-star cast. It was recently announced that The Crown‘s Olivia Coleman will be joining the project, in addition to Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins. The movie musical doesn’t just boast an impressive cast—Wonka is directed by Paddington director Tom King and produced by David Heyman (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Harry Potter films). Wonka will focus on the candy maker as a young man, and will follow his adventures prior to opening the legendary chocolate factory.

While speaking with Time for their October cover story, Chalamet revealed that he recorded music for the upcoming Wonka film. Rehearsals for the project are currently taking place in the UK, as the prequel will film mostly in London. Chalamet admitted he felt “out of my league” recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, but added that working on Wonka has been good for him. He went on to describe the movie musical as a “a celebration of being off-center and of being O.K. with the weirder parts of you that don’t quite fit in.” Wonka will mark Chalamet’s first time singing and dancing on screen, with several musical numbers set to appear in the film.

Audiences recently got a first glimpse at Wonka after Chalamet shared a photo of himself in his Wonka costume. Based on looks alone, it seems as though the prequel is staying true to the wardrobe featured in its predecessor films. But in addition to his classic costume, there’s another key component of Willy Wonka that the prequel will have; music. The quirky 1971 film adaptation introduced a number of now-classic songs, including “Pure Imagination” and “The Candy Man.” Tim Burton’s 2005 adaptation revamped the classic songs, albeit, in a much more unsettling style. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of songs Wonka will introduce, and if the film as a whole will adopt the darker tone of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the lightheartedness of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Audiences have gotten a taste of Wonka’s songs already, with a set video of Chalamet filming a musical number. Chalamet certainly looks like part, but plenty of people have expressed their skepticism about his ability to portray the character, including members of the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory cast. Regardless, Chalamet is clearly a capable actor, and might just be able to make Wonka a worthy prequel to the earlier films. Either way, Wonka‘s updated take on one of movie history’s most iconic characters is sure to make for an interesting watch.

Source: Time

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