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Trump news – latest: Trump wants US taxpayers to pay half Mar-a-Lago special master costs as nominees submitted to judge

Donald Trump pays tribute to ‘extraordinary’ Queen Elizabeth II

In a legal filing regarding the appointment of a special master to review the Mar-a-Lago papers uncovered in the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Florida home, it transpires that the former president wants half the costs paid for by the US taxpayer. The Department of Justice would like Mr Trump to cover the appointee’s compensation. Both sides have submitted two names as nominees to fill the role.

Meanwhile, a Florida federal judge has tossed out the wide-ranging lawsuit the ex-president filed against Hillary Clinton and a host of other figures associated with the investigation into whether his presidential campaign had improper ties to the Russian government.

In other legal trouble, the fallout continues in a case where New York prosecutors allege We Build the Wall Inc, a nonprofit that aimed to fund Mr Trump’s signature border wall, ripped off its donors. Trump advisor Steve Bannon has been hit with money laundering and fraud charges.

Mr Trump has added his voice with those mourning Queen Elizabeth II. He told British broadcasters he and the Queen had “great chemistry” and that she liked all of her prime ministers.


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