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Trump news today: Jan 6 criminal probe reportedly subpoenas former deputy White House counsel

Blake Masters projected to win GOP nomination for Arizona Senate

Donald Trump has launched a broadside against proposed reforms to the Electoral Count Act, claiming that the effort to make it more specific is proof that Mike Pence did in fact have scope to throw out the certification of electoral college votes on 6 January 2021.

“Senators are meeting right now on reforming the Electoral Count Act so that a Vice President can no longer do what EVERYBODY, except for certain Conservative legal scholars, said was not allowed to be done. So they all lied,” he wrote, adding that Mr Pence “could have sent fraudulent votes back to State Legislatures” in his view.

Mr Trump is also celebrating several victories for his chosen candidates in primary races held last night. Blake Masters has won the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate race. His chosen gubernatorial candidate in the state, Kari Lake, is leading her primary opponent by a narrow margin as the vote count continues.

In Missouri, meanwhile, Eric Schmitt defeated Eric Greitens to win the Senate nomination, meaning Mr Trump’s endorsement of “Eric” proved to be a safe bet.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that former Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin has been subpoenaed in the January 6 federal criminal probe being conducted by the Justice Department.






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