Vanessa Hudgens Fainted From Dehydration Because She Hates Water

  • Vanessa Hudgens hates drinking water so much that she once passed out from dehydration.
  • Hudgens’ hatred of water also inspired her to start her own line of cactus water.
  • Cactus water is naturally low in calories and sugar and rich in healthy nutrients and antioxidants

Vanessa Hudgens is not a fan of drinking water.

The 32-year-old actress told Shape she doesn’t like plain water, and she dislikes it so much that she has even passed on from dehydration more than once.

Water plays a key role in nearly every system in the body from regulating temperature to cushioning joints, and not getting enough can lead to greater risk of urinary tract infection, kidney damage, and seizures. 

Hudgens says her remedy for this is adding a flavor — releasing her own line of cactus water called Caliwater. 

Cactus water comes from the pink plant attached to cacti

Cactus water comes from the pink plant attached to the top of the cactus, rather than the water inside the green husk of the cactus. It is made squeezing the juice from the bright pink fruit of the prickly pear (or, nopal) cactus, according to Healthline

It contains fewer calories and less sugar than coconut water, another popular plant-based water replacement.

Nevada in the Spring

Cactus water is made squeezing the juice from the bright pink fruit of the prickly pear.

Cactus water also contains vitamins that can help your skin and reduce inflammation

Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian is a big fan of cactus water for clearing the skin. 

“The skin benefits are derived from a high number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories,” Nazarian told “These help decrease puffiness and redness in the skin while concurrently hydrating without adding excess sugar. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as miracle anti-aging sources yet, but with its collection of skin-boosting vitamins and antioxidants, cactus water is leading the pack.”

Cactus water also contains electrolytes, which help regulate the fluids in your body, and antioxidants such as betanin and isorhamnetin — also found in beets and lemons — which are anti-inflammatory. 

Prickly pear cactus has been used as a natural treatment for conditions like type 2 diabetes , constipation, pain, and even hangovers, according to Healthline

Too much could cause a laxative effect

Experts warn not to chug cactus water as you would water.

“Your body might not be able to process the influx of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes in high doses yet,” Scotty Schellner, a nutritionist with Eat Clean Phx, told Bustle.

It may also interfere with certain medications, particularly those prescribed for diabetes, according to WebMD.

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