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Watch moment Pere and Angel reunited with other housemates ahead of the finale (video)

Pere and Angel have reunited with other housemates ahead of the finale of the 6th edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show which will take place on Sunday October 3.

Recall that the housemates who got the second and third highest votes last week, were kept in the white room and given a task to complete for a spot in the finale.

They were however given a pass to be in the finale by Biggie this evening.

Biggie made the announcement on Monday after they both engaged in the truck disassembly task in the White room.

They were both required to dismantle some sets of trucks and have a total of 54 parts when done.

After completing the task, Angel ended up with 56 parts while Pere ended up with 54 parts.

Biggie then rewarded them for their efforts and offered each of them spots in the finale.

Watch moment they reunited with other housemates who couldn’t hide their excitement…………


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