‘Westworld’ Season 4 Details You Might Have Missed in the Set Design

The gold statues inside the Butterfly Club were an intentional reference back to Dolores and Halores’ hotel room scene in season three.

The top image is from season four, and the bottom image is from season three.

“That’s the sick thing about my team is that a lot of things are ridiculously intentional like that,” Carlos said. “So there are two things we’re playing with. The first is how hosts are oftentimes seen as inanimate objects. There’s essentially pieces of statuary. So playing with, ‘What does a human look like when it’s no longer moving?'”

He continued: “There’s this unnatural quality that happens when someone just stops completely and there’s no movement. We somehow accept statuary in that state and we glorify it as beautiful, but the second an actual human becomes a statue there’s something insanely wicked and very uncomfortable about that.”

So Carlos said anytime they can use statuary “in a naked form and without natural hair,” they’re always calling back to the host’s manufacturing and “the objectification of the human form for visual pleasure.”

The second thing they’re playing with when it comes to the gold statues is a direct callback to the statues that were in season three, episode three when Dolores and Halores were in a hotel room together.

When fans first saw that scene, we didn’t yet know which host control unit was inside Charlotte Hale’s body. But the statue on the table next to them, which showed two symmetrical figures, hinted at their twin connection. 

“That [season three statue] was showing the symbiotic relationship between the two of them,” Carlos said. “And as we progress through the season, we see the separation. So when we come back to the Butterfly Club, those two women holding hands are no longer touching. That was a direct correlation back to that particular statue.”

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